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Buckeye Tool on Amazon is offering a great deal on this Milwaukee 12V Pipe Cutter without battery or charger, at just $100.  It cuts copper pipe up to 1″ diameter and automatically adjusts cutting size.  You can also buy it with the charger and battery if you don’t already own Milwaukee tools that use the M12 Li-ion batteries.

Pipe Cutter w/o Battery Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Pipe Cutter w/Battery Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Street Pricing [Google]


7 Responses to Dealmonger: Milwaukee 12V Pipe Cutter $100

  1. Jason M says:

    I have one of these in my tool kits already and its very impressive. Bought it though Grainger on our corporate discount with battery and charger for just over $100. They also had a free battery mail in offer at the time. Li-Ion batteries are the way to go. Lighter, charges faster, holds charge longer and no memory issues like the old ni-cad.


  2. fred says:

    @ Jason

    Yep what you say is true about Lithium Ion batteries – but they have a shelf life – and may not last much more than 4 years – maybe less.

    We’ve bought a bunch of the Milwaukee 12 volt tools – like the Hackzall and the compact drivers a lot.

    We’ve also bought a few of the Makita 18v tools – and batteries (come in 10 packs)

    For the homeowner – the shock will come when the battery no longer takes a charge – and the tool has not been fully amortized – like we do with those used in commercial service.

  3. Bob J says:

    Right now, you buy one of these, and you get a free extra battery. I was at Grainger today and saw the flyer on their counter. I believe Milwaukee offers a 5-year warranty on their batteries and I think the only mfg that does so.


    Our company got away from DeWalt. We had too many failures lately and their product support because a pain in the rear. So far, no issues with Milwaukee.

  4. fred says:

    I think that the Milwaukee warranty only covers their V18 and V28 batteries – not the 12 Volt variety that comes with this tool

  5. Brau says:

    My guess is that this only works on pipes you can spin? Either that or it has to rotate around the pipe itself, which means it requires a fair bit of clearance? I’d like on that could cut existing pipes in hard to reach spots.

  6. fred says:

    @ Brau says

    Your guess is incorrect. The cutting head spins around inside the tool housing and the tool actually is pretty useful for close-quarter cutting.

  7. fritz gorbach says:

    Anybody ever seen a ratcheting cutter that goes to 1 1/4″ or better? I have a hand model good to 1″, but a particular piece of equipment I frequently work on requires cutting copper in very close quarters, and repairing after. I’m usually stuck with a sawzall. If only this was a little bigger, i’d have one already.

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