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I’ve been watching the new season of Ax Men on the History channel for a few weeks now. Though it doesn’t quite live up to last year’s season –- and to be fair, I don’t see how it could –- it’s worth taking a look if you’re into this type of show.

Some of last year’s crews are back, as well as two new crews.  S&S Aqua logging is crewed by a father-and-son team, and the father is such an overbearing ass that no one but his boy will work with him longer than ten minutes.  R&R Conner Aviation uses a chopper to haul the logs off the mountain.

The show also features a few greenhorns (read: new guys), the worst of whom is actually so clueless, it’s a wonder they let him out there at all. Let me be the first to say that I would do a hell of a lot worse — no doubt I’d be the biggest wimp out there, and I know nothing about logging — but the difference is, I’m perfectly aware of it, so I keep my sissy-ass off the mountain.  Apparently Bradley hasn’t gotten the clue yet, but it does make for a good show.

Check it out on the History Channel at 9pm central.

Ax Men Season 2 [History]


10 Responses to Ax Men Season 2 Is Under Way

  1. Jason says:

    I feel really uneasy with the father/son river salvage team. Looks like the father makes up for brains by yelling and the son doesn’t react much at all.

  2. Doug says:

    Watching S&S Aqua Logging bumble around is both painful and hilarious. If you don’t watch Ax Men yet, you should tune in just to watch those guys.

  3. Rembreto says:

    speaking of S&S…. will they really be able to navigate that new boat in those rivers they work in?

  4. Abe says:

    Agreed S&S aqua loggers makes the show. Watching that dumbass yell, scream and panic over the littlest thing is funny. The kid is so used to the dad freaking out that it’s just normal for him to see his father acting like a 10 year old girl who sees a spider. You do have to give the dumbass father credit though. He’s got an idea and he’s making a buck.

  5. Old Coot says:

    Apparently S&S is in trouble for removing logs from the river without obtaining permits. Dad really is an assclown. Here’s the url:


  6. paganwonder says:

    My Dad was a logger until he decided to go to college- now I know why- logging a hard damn dangerous job!

  7. GARY says:

    Last year season I felt was outstanding and I have been waiting for the 2nd season but I’am very disappointed this season especially wiith the S&S Agua Logging—-I’am surprised that you have included this to be on your series this year. I would hate to have Jimmy Smith as my father–If I were
    James I’d be long gone.

  8. steve says:

    that gab sure likes to complain about the greenhorn like to see his fat ass get out of the logger & do some real work instead of complain all the time, im sure he took the company over from daddy because he was to dam fate to do real labor, shut you mouth get your fate ass out of the logger & try doing the rigging for a day

  9. Kim says:

    I think Gabe Ryguard needs to take responsibility for his greenhorn’s smashed finger. As a manager you never create competition between two “rookies” for one job. That’s an accident waiting to happen. The greenhorn that was sent home was blamed but he was just competing for the job. Gabe created the safety hazard when he put the two against one another.

  10. Paul Bender says:

    Amazing show! Grown men stomping off like spoiled children having temper tantrums. It reminds me of a spoiled child that can’t get his way and so acts out. Personally I would be embarrassed to be one of those greenhorns kids by my mere association with these losers. Maybe rather than being consumed by how many logs they can cut in a day they should focus on interpersonal skills or professional behavior. Thank God there is logging for these degenerates otherwise they would be taking up space in a prison somewhere.

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