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Looks like Festool has pulled an April Fools Day joke on their customers. They were planning to introduce the EHL 65E one-handed planer on April 1st, but according to the latest SysNotes they’re delaying the introduction for some unknown reason — possibly because they realized April Fools Day might not be the best day to introduce a product.

To optimize the EHL 65E for one-handed use, Festool gives it an ergonomic handle, makes it well-balanced, and keeps the weight down to 5.3lbs.  The 2-9/16″ wide spiral-head cutter can shear up to 5/32″ of material at a time.  A large knob on the front allows you to adjust depth in 1/256″ increments.  Finally, this wouldn’t be a Festool tool without high-efficiency dust extraction.  You can attach the dust port to either the left or right side of the planer.

Of course Festool manufactures the planer in Germany.  It’ll retail for $390 whenever they decide to release it.

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3 Responses to Preview: Festool’s One-Handed Planer

  1. Adrian says:

    Umm, hate to tell you, but there’s two hands on that one handed planer.

  2. Thomas says:

    n’ I doubt it has the nice snick of good hand plane.

  3. Gary says:

    no curlies either

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