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Unless you work with tires all day there’s probably no need for you to add Central Tool’s digital tread depth gauge to your toolbox.  You could probably get by with a set of digital calipers, a ruler, or a penny for that matter.

If you take away the wide base and the 1″ maximum depth, these stainless steel digital calipers look exactly like the cheap calipers you find on eBay or Harbor Freight with pretty much the same functionality.  Some retailers claim this gauge displays fractions as well as inches and millimeters, but looking at the display we doubt it.

You’ll pay somewhere between $25 and $35 for this digital tread depth gauge.

Tread Depth Gauge [Central Tools]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


9 Responses to Digital Tread Depth Gauge

  1. shopmonger says:

    even if you wokr all day with these I would say just get mechainal ones for $1

    But racers …………they could use this for tire wear….even wear and of cource total wear per lap

  2. Fabian says:

    Where are the mechanical ones for $1 ?

    I can only find them in napa for $5…


  3. bartsdad says:

    Here for $2.12 http://www.tooldiscounter.com/ItemDisplay.cfm?lookup=GRY1624&source=froogle&kw=GRY1624

    I’ve never bought there, just an FYI.

    I use a mechanical gauge daily and wouldn’t want to try to keep a digital gauge safe in my work environment. Accuracy to 1/32 is plenty for what I do.

    These guys are a bit more expensive, but are a good company to deal with.http://www.myerstiresupply.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=783&info=Tread-Depth-Gauge. $2.55 for the same gauge.

    I own a couple. Mine are both at least 15 years old and the one I got from my dad is even older.

    Unless you REALLY need to accuracy to .001″ the less than $3.00 gauge works fine.

  4. Joe says:

    Where’s my penny . . .?

  5. Jereme says:

    It is great for accuracy but I think only Nascar drivers can really use it or people who work in a tire shop.

  6. Blind says:

    if you are racing, you’ll most likely be more worried about heat cycles than tread depth.

  7. Coach James says:

    Agree with Joe. As long as I can’t see the top of Lincoln’s head, I’m good.

  8. jeff says:

    No, not if you depend on your tires such as motorcycle rider, and the availability of different tire sizes can be limited. Rear motorcycle tires last between 4K and 12K miles. So, it is a good idea to understand the wear/mile ratio for successive trips, especially long trips, to understand whether there is enough tread or if a tire needs to be replaced.

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