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One of my sons picked up an ’88 Bronco, leading me to wonder why a kid who lives in the city and never even touches the transfer case lever needs a four-by-four. Anyway, he managed to run out of antifreeze, and over the summer he just kept topping off the radiator with water, and as you can guess, the water pump started leaking — so it ends up in ole Paul’s shop for a “quick” water-pump swap.

I should’ve had him take it to the shop because over half the water-pump bolts snapped, probably due to a combination of the water and the engine getting too hot. As I was pulling the grill and radiator so I could work in there, an easy-out broke off, and that was after a day of spraying PB on it. So I dropped $20 on a couple of carbide burrs at the Fastenal shop and got the job done.  Now I see Garrett Wade sells a fifteen-piece set of burrs for quite a bit less than I spent.

Just like all carbide-based tools, these burrs’ll cut through about anything. The bits come with an 1/8” shank.  The common shapes and sizes are included in the set, and they average out to about $4 per bit. The entire set sells for $60 at Garrett Wade.

Grinding Burrs [Garrett Wade]


5 Responses to Solid Carbide Grinding Burrs

  1. fritz gorbach says:

    Anyone have experience with cheap or cheaper Carbide Burrs? What brandsor companies sell something worth buying.
    I have a small set of 1/8 burrs from snap-on, but they were like $140 for eight pieces.
    I’d like a 1/4″ set to use in my die grinders, but i dont want to spend two hundredbucs. i also don’t want to throw out money on junk.

  2. nnx says:

    Im just thinking: what kind of carbide?

    Carbides are just Metal+carbon, the metal is pretty important here.
    If it is Tungstencarbide, cool. but i dont know if they would offer it this cheap

  3. C. Nerd says:

    Garrett Wade has them backordered, but you can still order them for $60, not $40… 🙁

  4. beetlekill says:

    Nice price, but do they last?…I have a couple sets of cheap ones that will not work on metal any more….: ( ,I bought one set from snap-on at least 5 years ago and they still cut well.

  5. And with the various models of battery-powered Dremel, you’re not tethered to the wall any more. You can chuck up a pointy carbide burr and chase deadbeat relatives RIGHT OUT OF THE HOUSE with it!

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