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I remember it like it was yesterday;  it was junior high shop class, and we’d been assigned to bring in some of Dad’s tools so we could coat the handles with a protective cover. We all dipped our tools in the Plasti Dip, waited a few seconds, and then the magic happened — when we pulled the tools out, the handles were covered in a protective coating. Dad still has the tools almost thirty years later, and the magic coating never fell off.  Plasti Dip is still going strong, and now you can coat your tools in whatever colors you want.

The Create Your Color kit comes with five specially formatted tints to mix into the clear Plasti Dip. The coating is resistive to moisture, acid, abrasion, and corrosion, and it provides a comfortable grip. The kit is wide enough to coat something up to two inches wide.

The new Plasti Dip sells for about $20.

Create Your Color [Plasti Dip International]
Street Pricing [Google]


6 Responses to Plasti Dip — Create Your Own Color

  1. kyle says:

    I can get a can of pre tinted stuff at menards for $8 so why am I going to spend $20 just to create a custom color if I worried about how my tools looked I wouldnt use them so why spend the extra money

  2. @Kyle:

    For personal use you probably don’t care about color, but if you work someplace where everybody brings their own tools, I can see the value of picking a unique color so you can tell your tools from somebody else’s on sight.

  3. Once you have the kit with the tints, you can pick up more clear Plasti Dip at the regular price from nearly any hardware store; you are not limited to a single batch of a single color.

    The next question is, where to pick up more plasti-compatible dye?

  4. Lee Gibson says:

    Kyle, we get it, you’re so frugal you don’t use periods and capitalization. The rest of us might find it useful to be able to uniquely identify our tools.

  5. kyle says:

    I dont use punctuation much because I am somewhat lazy when it comes to typing.

  6. Chris says:

    And the rest of us are somewhat lazy when it comes to trying to decode your unique language, so either get un-lazy and use the period, comma, and Shift keys, or kindly refrain from commenting here.

    I don’t care if people are ignorant, but people who know better and STILL refuse to write in some sort of a legible manner are a waste of humanity.


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