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There are few items from childhood I treasure as much as those made by people I knew.  Surprisingly they held up through my childhood and remain intact to this day, slightly worn and a little dusty. Reader Schnaars will likely find the same thing said of his daughter’s doll wardrobe that he constructed from pine and a little paint.

Schnaars decided a little love and under $30 was better than the luster of 300 dollars’ worth of store-bought plastic and that “spent too much cash” feeling that often accompanies such a purchase.  Here in the Toolmonger shop, to a man, we heartily agree.

We do offer a warning to Schnaars:  Once you’ve opened the Pandora’s Box of besting commercial offerings with your custom cabinetry, you may find your bright-eyed angel has quite a list of things Dad could do better than the store.  Of course, we can think of no better taskmaster than the unabashed love of a cherished young one to put the spurs to Dad’s shop — in any event, be warned, sir.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


2 Responses to Flickr Pool: Doll Closet

  1. You guys are great. Thanks for sharing the photos. You’re right, bunk beds are next on the list of things to build… After the patio set for my wife.

  2. Frank Townend says:

    Well done Scott!

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