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I do a lot of work on my own cars, mainly because I’m cheap and I enjoy the work. I own a couple of test lights to verify that circuits are working, and I keep a small array of test wires that serve as jumpers, but the Power Probe III jumped out at me because it performs those functions plus many more.

Just hook the unit up to the battery or the cigarette lighter/power point and it’ll serve as a switchable (positive/negative) lead for testing circuits and relays and checking for continuity.  It works as a volt meter and can detect short circuits. It also sports a flashlight, handy for locating a wire or reading that fuse panel under the dash.

The Power Probe III Kit comes with a 20′ cable and sells for $100.

Power Probe III [Power Probe]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


11 Responses to Power Probe III

  1. kyle says:

    I think even for ocasinal eletrical work this would be very useful.

  2. LennyNero says:

    I’m a professional mechanic, and I absolutely LOVE the powerprobe 3. It is hands down one of the best testing tools on the market today. It has so many great features for both amateur and professional mechanics and it is actually built well so it doesnt just look pretty in your toolbox. My favorite feature is the ability to send any ac signal it detects to its built in speaker. This is great for HEARING noisy contacts in a circuit, toning out harnesses when coupled with Powerprobe’s signal generator, and even diagnosing problems in data circuits.
    The powerprobe’s replaceable tips and switch are nice because when either one wears, you dont have to replace the whole unit saving money and allowing one to keep spares on hand.

  3. Dan Clemens says:

    Lenny’s right. I’m a professional auto sevice technician,also, and although I have a Power Probe II, not a III, I can attest to the fact that a Power Probe
    is 10 kinds of awesome. Even if you alredy have DVOM, you still should
    have one of these, even if you only occasionally do automotive electrical
    work. It is the best $89.00 I ever spent on a tool, and I use it every day.
    It is a high-quality, versatile tool that I depend on, and couldn’t live
    without. My favorite feature is that it functions as a jumper wire. At the touch of a button you can apply voltage OR a ground to a circuit or to test a suspect relay, light, actuator, or motor. Also, I appreciate that the cord is long enough to let you let you work at the rear of even long vehicles.

  4. bartsdad says:

    Another Tech giving this a huge thumbs up. I work on diesel trucks and this is my go to tool for 90% of my electrical troubleshooting. I hemmed and hawed before purchasing, but I can’t imagine NOT having it in my tool box now.

    On another note: Thanks Guys for turning off the annoying auto refresh feature. We all appreciate that.

  5. shopmonger says:

    I must say that i agreee with the guys above, these are the best…. the allow you to quickly diagnos and complete eletrical work

  6. fritz gorbach says:

    AGree 100%. I got the kit with an extra 20 feet of lead so you can go from front of vehicle to back of trailer, etc, and some other probes – wire piercing, alligator clip, etc. I got mine through my Snap On dealer when I went looking for a test light. I wasn’t sure it’d be worth the money, because I’m not a professional auto mechanic, but the salesman talked me into it. I was able to very quickly find and repair some power window and windshield washer pump problems the day I got it. Money well spent there. I have found several other occasions to use it in the year or so i’ve had it, and each time ithas helped me fix a problem I wouldn’t have had the time to diagnose otherwise.
    Incidentally, as part of my work, I repair standby generators which use 12V dc for control power, and this has been a great tool for diagnosing electrical problems on those.

  7. berettaguy says:

    You guys convinced me. I just bought 1 from Amazon!

  8. Mitch says:

    Peer pressure! (hmm, I might have to get one too now)

  9. Firemarshal Bill says:

    D@mn, now I guess I gotta get one. I don’t work on my truck much but I have a couple small tractors I work on all the time and I can see this coming in real handy

  10. elgroucho says:

    My arm was twisted too. No problem with that though.

  11. Truong Van Son says:

    It is great!
    I am having 1 kit of Power Probe 3 and I am ordering 2 kits of Power Probe Master Kit

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