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A ladder can help you get from one place to another, like from the ground to the roof, but you probably use it more commonly as a platform for working where you couldn’t otherwise reach.  Getting the right tools up the ladder and keeping them there can be a shuffle even with a tool belt, but this ladder caddy from H.F. Staples looks like a neat way to carry and hold all the tools you’ll need while you’re off the ground.

H.F. Staples manufactures the Multi-Caddy in England from heavy-duty impact-resistant plastic.  They integrate holders for quart and half-pint paint cans and a measured reservoir for holding up to a half gallon of paint in the caddy.  A deep notch in the caddy fits into either the right or left rail of most wood, aluminum, or fiberglass ladders.  The handle makes the caddy easy to carry up the ladder, and the corners have slots to tame electrical cords.  It also has holes and slots to keep your tools organized.

You can purchase the Multi-Caddy for $11 plus $6 shipping directly from H. F. Staples, or you can pay $16 plus $7 shipping at Amazon.

Multi-Caddy [H. F. Staples]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


8 Responses to Don’t Get Caught Up A Ladder Without A Paddle Bit

  1. Rob G says:

    This is what I get on their web site:

    Sorry, this item is no longer available.
    Mfg. No. Description Color Qty Price
    #632 Ladder Multi-Caddy white 1 $10.25 Out of stock.

    Is it out of stock or discontinued?

  2. @Rob G:

    Hmm… I put the multi-caddy in the shopping basket and started to check out to find what the shipping cost would be, but I didn’t run into your message. I did cancel after that. At what point did you get the message?

    It looks like it’s in stock at Amazon — I know it’s more expensive. The Flooring Connection is the actual seller, here’s a direct link to the product on their site:


    It’s the same price though.


    The product is made in England, but H. F. Staples is an American company, so they might only be distributing/importing it. I can’t find any other sources, maybe someone else has a line on this product?

  3. nordstar says:

    Its not the ladder caddy that makes this job easier its that awesome sweater. That and lugging around a corded drill. Something like this looks a lot more promising: http://www.amazon.com/Ladder-Boss-90202-Tool-Bag/dp/B0000UJJJS

    Although the plastic tote dose have its advantages.

  4. jl says:

    off topic but that guy’s sweater is Bitchin’! lol

  5. Joe says:

    It’s a UK product, so that would be a jumper, not a sweater!

  6. Jerry says:

    Uh – interesting sweater (?) and add the goggles to that and this may be an escapee from an alien spaceship. I think Capt. Kirk battled this creature at some point.

  7. diluded000 says:

    How many sheep got shaved. HOW MANY!

  8. BigStrat says:

    I have a couple of these and wanted to get more to give as presents but unfortunately it’s discontinued. It was imported from the UK. Too bad, it’s a great product.

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