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Here you see an interesting game of chicken, but it’s not the same version you might be familiar with.  Sure, other cars and road traffic might find this activity a bit unnerving, but it’s the cop, who could any minute catch a glimpse of it, that you’re really playing chicken with.

Not only have we done this sort of maneuver ourselves, it worked so well the first time that we tried it a few times after that. For the record, the third time we got caught — and with the fine added into the cost of the project, we still came out ahead of having it done by contractors.

To my knowledge that sprinkler system is still in place and functional today.

The awesome photo was provided by photo pool member resq47.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


23 Responses to Doh! Highway Jousting

  1. xenocide says:

    It looks like the individual in this picture is about to be caught. That looks like a crown vic with police graphics coming in from the right.

  2. Rusty says:

    I’ve looked at the picture like 10 times and read the description like 5 times and I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Attempting to look at the flicker pool gets me this:

    Oops! You don’t have permission to view this photo.

    Here’s a link back to your home page.

  3. Barri says:

    You cant see the pipe coming out from the windows?

  4. Jeff says:

    Whats really strange is that I have a Honda and have used it many occasions for moving wood and other supplies. If you take the time to put down the backseats and use a little sense you can fit a LOT safely in one of these cars 🙂

    But then again, common sense is not one of those things that evolution seems to have selected for in a lot of people 🙂


  5. Dustin says:

    There is nothing cool about this at all.

    It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

  6. Rusty says:

    I see it now that you’ve told me, but before that it looked like that white pipes were really something in front of the car, across the street, on the ground, like a construction barrier or something.

  7. David Bryan says:

    Oh my goodness that certainly is unnecessary. Antisocial, even. I’m not sure that’s something to brag about.

  8. Dano says:

    These Honda’s have split rear seats. Stick it out of the trunk with a red flag and it would have been kosher.

  9. BJN says:

    Hooray for the cop that caught you and ticketed you. I hope it was a moving violation with points in addition to the cost of the ticket.

    Ever hear of delivery service? I could secure that load to the same car safely, this photo just shows stupidity and laziness.

  10. diluded000 says:

    The real trick with hauling long stuff in a ‘lil car is arranging it around the seats and windows so if hits something it doesn’t come across your head. Diagonally out the front passenger window, across, and out the rear drivers window is the best way. Plus you get the longest possible length of material inside the passenger compartment going diagonal. This guy obviously isn’t safety conscious.

  11. Geoff K. says:

    Safety conscious? Are you kidding? I’m not at all worried about the knucklehead driving, I feel for the unknowing person who happens to hit those building materials, possibly causing serious injury or death to themselves because of the stupidity of someone else. If someone intentionally does this sort of reckless stunt, they deserve way more than just a ticket. The weight of someone else’s injury or death on your conscience really can’t be worth the risk…

    Mr O’Hara, I’m surprised at your flip attitude towards this seriously dangerous act. There is nothing funny about this. If you’ve done this yourself in the past, it’s nothing to be proud of, and nothing to be announcing publicly.

  12. Steve Fine says:

    I get the same thing as Rusty. I can’t view the picture.

    Oops! You don’t have permission to view this photo.

  13. diluded000 says:

    Am I kidding? Well, it is sorta like an IQ test where the higher your IQ the easier it is to tell when I’m kidding.

  14. r47 says:

    I borrowed the shot from a buddy in Chicago. I’m no fan of unsafe loading and can only hope the guy did the DIYer’s version of driving into the garage with a bike on a roof rack when they made it home…

    I hit a clothes dryer at highway speed once thanks to another driver’s lack of due regard and I’m borderline clinically paranoid about hauling with my own truck :/

  15. Pete says:

    In good weather I haul stock up thru the sunroof in the car as it gets better mileage than the truck, but I would never pass it out the windows.

  16. Dan says:

    What happened to renting a truck? $19 for an hour at the local Home Depot… seems reasonable if you ask me!

    Have you ever seen this picture?


  17. Geoff K. says:

    Diluded000, relax, I get your sarcasm. I just want to make sure that anyone reading who might not see it can understand what a crazy idea this is. I agree with Dan, for 20 bucks an hour you can avoid endangering others, tickets, and ending up on the Darwin Awards…

  18. Joe says:

    If Toolmonger wants to show this stuff, great, it’s always fun to see. But how about labeling it for what it is–a big ‘ol FAIL. Kids don’t try this at home, etc. Geez, don’t talk about how you saved money and it’s still working–you just got lucky. Sorry, but this article is a FAIL.

    (Rusty, at first look, I thought it was a barrier on the other side of the intersection too, and the game of chicken was trying to out-drag the box-van to get past it first)

  19. bender says:

    Brings back memories of the severely overloaded Volkswagen… You know, the Jetta with about 300 lbs of plywood tied to the roof and the rear suspension collapsed… Somebody’s gotta know where we can find pictures of that one– it’s kind of an internet legend

  20. bender says:

    oops, looks like Dan already knows what I’m talking about!

  21. Simple Simon says:


  22. David Bryan says:

    I always say to myself, “Better safe than stupid” but sometimes you just can’t win for trying. I was tying a load to the roof of a little bitty car once, had the windows down, passed the rope through and tied it on good and secure, made sure nothing was sticking and nothing was going nowhere. Everything looked good, safe and everything, I was ready to go. And then I tried to open the door.

  23. David Bryan says:

    Sticking out I mean.

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