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A flexible curve lets you copy just about any curve, but this flexible curve also gives you a precise measurement of the curve.  This might come in handy in knowing exactly how long the stock needs to be before you bend it, for example.

This plastic curve is stiff enough to hold its shape while flexible enough for you to match it to curves and other contours.  On one side of the curve a scale measures inches in 1/16″ increments and on the other it measures metric in 1mm increments.  The raised edge makes it easy for you to transfer the curve with a pencil.

MLCS sells the flexible curve ruler in 12″, 24″, or 36″ lengths for $10, $15, and $19 respectively.

Flexible Curve Ruler [MLCS]
Flexible Curve Ruler [Staedtler]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Match And Measure A Curve

  1. Galadriel says:

    After a while of use, these can get kinked or otherwise less effective. Is there anything that’s more durable?

  2. ToolGuyd says:


    It may be possible to replace the steel inserts, but that would hardly be cost effective.

    Also, don’t forget that the intended use for these are for drawing, as they are drafting tools. Sure they can be used for measuring and matching curves in the shop, but that’s not exactly what they were designed for.

  3. Galadriel says:

    I thought they had a lead core.

    I was just wondering if there’s anything similar that’s more durable, even if it’s somewhat more expensive. Maybe something that *is* designed for shop work?

  4. justsomeguy says:

    Got mine at Highland Woodworking for $9.99. Looks like the same thing, but only in 24″.


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