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I must be worried about my toes for some reason because I keep running into safety boots;  this time the culprit was a radio ad for Red Wing Shoes’ King Toe safety toe work boots.  They offer 44% more room for your toes — essentially what the extended cab in a truck is, but for your toes!  They also feature non-metallic safety toes, which won’t get TSA on your case, and won’t conduct electricity.

I haven’t bought work boots in a long time so I’m not too sure what the going rate is, but I was able to find these on sale for $119.  They look like a decent pair of work boots — if anyone has these, hit up the comments and share what you think of ’em.

King Toe Safety Boots [Nokomis Shoes]
Red Wing Shoes [Official Site]
Street Pricing [Google]


4 Responses to Let Your Toes Be King Of The Castle

  1. Mr P says:

    I have this pair of shoes i bought them online becouse they had all the bells and whisles and i love them the next pair if i have to get one in a year of two will be the same pair. I have had +martens temberland cat but now im a red wing fan and thease shoes are great

  2. Mr T says:

    I’ve been wearing a pair of these exact boots since July, and they’re amazing. The king toe is the greatest thing for feet since socks. And they’re insulated up to 10kV, which is useful when you work with electricity.

  3. johnnyp says:

    Have a pair , like them. But these Red Wings are made in China

  4. mike bibby says:

    i have 2 pairs. of these. 1 has the metatarsal guard. the most amazing pair of shoes/boots ive ever owned. tough and so comfortable i cant take them off!! worth every penny. but they are made in china. but that dont mean the quality has dropped any. I used to go through carolinas wolverines ect .. every 6 weeks at work. ive had these for 6 months and they still look good.

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