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Yes, it’s called the Original Bootie Butler.  I saw this on a recent Cool Tools episode — it keeps you from tracking dirt, oil, grease, or paint through your house or car.  That’s what happens to me when I paint indoors:  I always seem to get paint on my shoes, probably because I suck at painting, but that’s another story.  So if I could cover my shoes before working and take the covers off when I leave the shop or drop cloth, that would be good.

The Bootie Butler holds 96 pair of booties, and to put them on you just stick your foot in the hole and a shoe cover snaps on — no bending over, no wrestling a shoe cover on.  You can get the booties in an anti-static model with “grippers” for better traction.

The Original Bootie Butler lists for $200 but it’s on “sale” right now for $100.  Refills will run you about $29 for 96 pair — that’s just over thirty cents a pair — and that’s worth not cleaning the paint out of the carpet to me.

Bootie Butler Original [Bootie Butler]


3 Responses to Bootie Butler

  1. Dano says:

    That episode of Cool Tools is probably a year old =) I saw it a while ago. This is cool and I remember looking it up after I saw it.

  2. paganwonder says:

    One mis-placed soiled shoe track can easily cost $100- in aggravation and clean-up labor alone. For those call back chores on rainy days this would help my mood enough to make it worth the money!

  3. Brau says:

    One slip off a ladder or down a set of stairs because you have plastic baggies on your feet can ruin the rest of your life. Think about what is really important, slow down, be careful, and keep your shoes on.

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