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Since jamming a crisply mitered end of a board into a stop might damage it,  Kreg designed their “Perfect Miter” stop attachment to properly support and protect a mitered end that’s placed against it.

You can place the board against the Perfect Miter attachment with the miter tip either against the fence or away from it.   The fingers of the Perfect Miter attachment catch the edges of a miter and not the tip. This should also give you a more accurate cut because debris can’t get trapped between the tip and the stop, changing the measurement.

Kreg machined a slot into the base of the attachment so you can use a carriage bolt to connect it to their production and flip stops or to your own custom stop.  Look to pay about $20 for this stop attachment.

Perfect Miter Attachment [Kreg]
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Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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