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Rob Todd must have gotten a little frustrated working in his garden and not having both spade and fork available at the same time. So he went into his shop and Frankensteined up this combo between a fork and a spade.

According to Todd’s site, the Spork performs many of the tasks that a spade and a fork can, along with some things a shovel can do, including “digging, cutting roots, forking up weeds, surface skimming, cutting turf, and breaking down the soil surface into a seed bed.”  The Spork comes in a mini version and in other varieties as well.

It looks like the site is based in England, so a D-handled Spork will run you 60 GBP or $84.

D-Handled Spork [Manufacturer’s Site]


3 Responses to The Spork — Not The Kind You Eat With

  1. Cameron Watt says:

    I look at that and want pannenkoeken.

  2. frank says:

    I like it. It does look like the kind of tool Lee Valley would carry.

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