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Hacking through roots can be frustrating at best.  They’re tough, covered in dirt and usually below ground.  This means you’re on your hands and knees hunched over a hole ruining your good tools.  This inexpensive Japanese sickle root cutter is purported to cut roots up to 1″ in diameter with “minimal fuss.”

The 8-3/4″ handle is made from Ho wood, a heavy and hard wood.  The 2-3/4″ blade is made from heavy-duty stainless tool steel and has razor sharp serrated teeth set at approximately 30 degrees.  Like most Japanese saws this 5/64″ thick blade cuts on the pull stroke.

The Japan Woodworker and Garrett Wade import this root cutter from Japan and sell it for between $11 and $17. Also, we hear they’re all the rage with the zombie elite types this year, like Jason and that fisherman guy with the hook.

Root Cutter [Japan Woodworker]
Root Cutter [Garrett Wade]


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  1. Ryan says:

    A 8″ tapered 6TPI blade on a reciprocating saw usually does the task really well. And the blade is replaceable.

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