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A few months ago I was shopping at my local Sears for a pliers set for the “house” tool kit.  These are pliers that the family has access to — which means they’ll probably be lost, used as a hammer, or just plain destroyed within the next few years — so I wanted tools that would do the job, but that I wouldn’t miss too much if they disappeared into the Lost Tool Zone.  This set by Evolv fit the bill nicely.

The set contains 6″ diagonal pliers, 6″ long-nose pliers, 7″ linesman pliers, 6″ slip-joint pliers, and 8″ groove-joint pliers, most of which are a good size for household use.  Both the solid-joint pliers and the slip-joint pliers operate smoothly, and the jaws close properly. The cushioned grips are very comfortable in the hand, but some Toolmongers might not like the green color.

Sears just recently began marketing the “Evolv” brand — these tools carry a warranty similar to Craftsman’s, but you have to have your receipt to make an exchange. I know people are going to gripe about this, but I just keep the receipt in the same drawer with the tools.

The best thing about these pliers is the price, currently $15 for the entire set.  In the same store you might pay that much for a single pair of name-brand pliers. At this cost, if one or two get lost, I’ll just pick up another set.

Pliers Set [Evolv]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to Evolv 5-Piece Pliers Set

  1. Chris S. says:

    Evolv appears to be sear’s replacement for the companion line of tools. The quality of the companion stuff was basic cheap harbor freight level stuff in cheap packaging. This evolv stuff has nicer looking packaging and the quality seems to be similar to the higher ‘pro’ quality stuff at harbor freight. For the price id say its a good deal for average homeowner stuff.

  2. Steve W. says:

    When you save your receipt for these, you had better scan it into your computer or at least make a photocopy. In three to four months it will have faded to unreadable.

  3. Dexm says:

    I was looking at these last month and thought they’d make a nice gift to someone who didn’t really “appreciate” good tools, and might not “need” them for “good jobs”, but who could use a set all the same.

  4. Ken says:

    Dexm They would make a good gift for a wife or girlfriend.

  5. kyle says:

    I highly question the quality of these tools and I think that having to have the recipt for replacement is sears way of not having to repace many of them. I would buy a similar set of aactual craftsman pliers long before I bought these

  6. Coach James says:

    Kyle, it could be that or it might be that Sears does not want to warrenty something that was bought on Amazon.

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