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The sanding block I currently use is whatever scrap wood I can find — this works well for the most part, but the possibility of something better out there piques my interest.  Looking at all the various options, I’m thinking a basic model would be best for me, rather than a more ergonomic one, and I want something that takes a quarter to a third of a sheet.  3M’s 9248NA Sanding Block fits these requirements, so I’m going to give it a shot.

It’s built for heavy to light sanding and is good for paint, wood, and metal, so it should handle any project I can throw at it.  It uses a quarter sheet of paper;  the old block of wood usually uses more, since I have to wrap the paper around the block. This sander measures 2-3/4″ by 1-3/4″ by 5-1/4″ and weighs just a quarter of a pound, and it’ll work with 3M adhesive-backed paper or regular paper.

3M’s Sanding Block Kit, which includes the block and five assorted sheets of sandpaper, sells for about $5 — cheap enough to always keep one or two on hand.

Sanding Block [3M]
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9 Responses to 3M Sanding Block

  1. Jim German says:

    I wasn’t a big fan of this, it worked great for flat areas, but if you ever did a corner, and accidentally hit the uncovered rubber onto your project it left a big streak that was irritating to take off.

  2. John Doe says:

    The good thing about flexible rubber blocks is that they conform to slight irregularities in the workpiece.

    The hard blocks will miss concave areas AND the sandpaper can wear out irregularly.

  3. Gough says:

    We use these all the time in the shop. We’ve got at least a dozen of them, which we keep loaded (and labelled) with a range of grits from 60 to 600. It makes it real easy to grap and go.

  4. Josh says:

    I can’t say I was a fan, it left alot of wasted sand paper.

    You cut the sheet into thirds the long way, then use about 1/3 of that is to hold the paper in the block on each end, so you’re getting use of about 1/3 of each full sheet of paper.

  5. Ken says:

    Personally I take out my multi speed finishing sander and do the job. And yes it gets in tight spaces.

  6. KEN says:

    I wrap a piece of sandpaper around a felt blackboard eraser.Does the job and doesn’t gouge the wood.

  7. ambush says:

    These are some of the best sanding blocks out there in my opinion. I like most 3M products, maybe its because they tend to invent their own stuff…

  8. fritz gorbach says:

    I like em, but i have noticed that it’s ugly if the paper tears and you skid the rubber across the work. I’ll keep using though.

  9. Stephen K says:

    I have been using these for a long time and I like them a lot. They’re simple and dirt cheap, two things I like a lot. I will say that they’re not great for tight spaces, but I really feel like that’s not what they’re designed for.

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