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I recently moved to a rural area, and I needed to remove about 100 yards of fence from my field.  Most of it was old, gnarly, and half-falling-over, and I got it out easy enough — I just hooked the fence to a vehicle and pulled — but I was left with the 8′ T-posts that were stuck about 2′ to 3′ deep.  I considered a three-point lift, an engine lift, and explosives;  then common sense took hold, so I tried prying, shoveling, and pulling.  The few that came out looked like post pretzels.  I wish I’d found this T-post puller earlier.

The simple lever grabs the “nubs” on the post and pulls it out of the ground with a couple of downward pushes.  It left the posts in good-enough condition that I could use ’em again later, and I even had some success with some smooth posts.

The puller normally sells for $20 at Harbor Freight.  I got it on sale, but even at full price if it can salvage about half a dozen posts, the tool has paid for itself.

T-Post Puller [Harbor Freight]


4 Responses to Harbor Freight T-Post Lifter

  1. Gough says:

    I’d suggest getting a Hi-Lift jack instead of a “unitasker”. The Hi-Lift will do that and a lot more. It’s more expensive, but it is a whole lot more useful.


  2. Brett from Utah says:

    I have no prob with the T-post tool but Gough’s comment made me think about what a great tool a Hi-lift is….I would suggest everyone get one…it works as a vehicle jack, a post puller as noted, a come along, and a giant clamp….Hi-Lift makes a repair kit and accessories and….well a Hi Lift is A GREAT THING…

  3. Kyle says:

    If you have livestock this is a must have tool. I’ve spent hours climing on and off tractors and skid steers, hooking and unhooking chains pulling t-posts. This thing is alot faster and easier than hauling equipment around. Wish I bought mine for $20

  4. bartsdad says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Hi-lift, but for pulling posts this unitasker is the way to go. I use one pulling dock post out every fall. Pulling 50 posts out with a Hi-Lift versus this tool would turn a 2 hour job into an all day job due to set up and operation. If I only had a few pull occasionally then a Hi-Lift would be the way to go.

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