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While browsing through the local Sears, I caught a glimpse of the new 2009-2010 Craftsman tool catalog.  Well, I did more than glimpse — I snagged a couple of copies for myself. I’ve been getting these since the mid 1980’s, and I still have most of ’em stored away.  If I could have back all the time I’ve spent looking at those books, it’d probably add another year or two onto my life.

The first thing you notice from page one is the addition of a few characters:  Ed, the Catalog Marketing Manager and Buyer;  Tony, the Associate Marketing Manager and Buyer; and Janet, the Senior Creative Manager.  Janet turns Ed and Tony into these Mario-looking cartoon people who recommend tools throughout the catalog. At least I know that Ed and Tony do the buying, so I know who to blame if any of the tools suck.

The cover features the 181-piece Mechanics tool set, and the new multi-color hex T-handle wrenches give it a splash of color.  The catalog is 196 pages full of tools, with no major changes:  storage, then sets, then hand, electronic, and power tools.  The Evolv brand made the nook this year along with some work wear. The catalog actually has a spine and glued pages this year; no more staples for this big boy.

It’s free at your local Sears — grab two, just because.

Craftsman Catalog [Sears]


10 Responses to Craftsman Tool Catalog

  1. Rob says:

    There was a time when I used to love Sears’ tools, but not anymore. They still sell some great tools, but they are not always worth their exorbitant prices. They also sell a lot of overpriced gimmicky junk.

  2. Steve W. says:

    I have taken to buying simple hand tools-some pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets and ratchets, and other stuff like that if it’s available as an Ace Hardware brand. They aren’t any more than Craftsman and have a lifetime warranty, with about ten times more locations to handle that warranty. Some stuff I have had bad luck with, two pair of diagonals come to mind, but most is pretty good stuff.

  3. Harry says:

    Although the new catalog is colorful and eye pleasing, it sucks. The Craftsman Tool catalog has always been about listing all of those individual sockets and wrenches you couldn’t find on a shelf in your local store. This years edition doesn’t list individual tools like sockets, wrenches, pliers, or screwdrivers. It lists sets of those items and has little messages on a few of the pages to visit sears.com for open stock items. I am very disappointed in the detail of the new catalog especially since finding tools and ordering from sears online during a sale can be a less than satisfying experience.

  4. Shopmonger says:

    The Swim Suit addition of tool porn

  5. Old Donn says:

    You guys all make good points, but if you’re an amateur, (like me), where else is there to go for the same selection and price? Tool truck? Only if you’ve got a water-cooled credit card. Home Depot/Husky? Small selection, made in China. Lowe’s/Kobalt? About 50-50 US-China. And the stuff made here is made by Danaher, the same outfit that makes Craftsman, meaning you pay more for the same stuff with a Kobalt badge on it. I know I’ll catch Hell for this, but Harbor Freight’s out. I’m sure someone out there will burn off a comment, talking about how he built an entry for the Oakland Roadster Show or the Baja 1000 with HF tools. But till I see Hendricks & Rousch using HF, no thanks. Is Sears stuff perfect, no. Is more & more made in China? Afraid so. But till somewhere else steps up, they’ll get most of my tool money.

  6. frank says:

    What disappoints me is that the catalog has more and more Asian stuff every year, including tools made in China. No thanks.

  7. Coach James says:

    In previous years, I would look through the C-man catalog almost every week. The new catalog I’ve looked at three times and put it away. I think the three cartoon people is silly and I also miss the open stock tools being included. If I have to look on Sears.com for so many things, I might as well just skip the catalog and start online.

  8. fritz gorbach says:

    Cartoons are silly, and I guess I’m lucky, my local sears carries a huge selection of open stock tools. That being said, unless it’s an emergency, I never pay full price for a craftsman tool, because sale will be 1/2 to 2/3 off.

  9. David P says:

    Sears Craftsman also has the obnoxious habit of schizophrenically sizing there tool chests/cabs/boxes. No one I have ever spoken to at any time has ever wanted a top box that is narrower/shallower/different sized than the roll cab it sits on yet 99.999% of Sears top boxes are narrower than the cabs they are made to sit on. It looks like hell. It’s like a doorknob in the middle of the door- sure it works, but it looks funny and serves no purpose. Any ledge on the front of a toolbox will start to accumulate stuff, through laziness or expediency, and within a matter of hours you could lose access to the 2 lower drawers in your top box because you have spray paint cans and shop rags or whatever stacked in front of it. The schizophrenic part of it is that the lower end boxes are the ones with the most sought after features. Try to buy a ball-bearing 12 drawer 18 inch deep 26 inch wide top box. They don’t make them. Friction slide 10 drawer 18 inch deep- yup. 6 Drawer ball bearing 16 inch deep- yes, but why?


    The money they ask for the Grip-Latch, (Son-of-a-Bitch Latch is more like it), ball-bearing boxes put them squarely in the same market as Snap-On Blue-Point boxes, which starts drawing uncomfortable scrutiny of Craftsman’s cobby spot-welds, awful paint finish, punnishingly strange sizes, wimpy sheet metal, bent and wavy panels, terrible drawer detent feel, wobbly drawer action, and color combonations that not only make no sense across there market range but also orphan older boxes that are painted differently.

    I love the red and black Craftsman boxes but to get the size and drawer arrangement I want I have to get Quiet-Glide (friction slide) instead of ball bearing, and in ugly monotone colors.

    The boxes they sell now are a pale shadow of the quality they sold no more than 15 years ago.

  10. barry says:

    Hi Guys
    you dont know lucky you are, i live in Australia and i have tried to have a catogue sent over here but Sears dont ship over seas, if any of you guys have a spare copy i would be more then willing to pay the postage.

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