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National Wholesale Tools is selling this three-piece obstruction wrench set for $5.47.  This set is likely cheap, but it could get you out of a jam when there’s an obstruction in your engine compartment that makes a standard wrench impossible to turn.

[National Wholesale Tools]
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One Response to Dealmonger: 3-Piece Obstruction Wrench Set $5.47

  1. Coach James says:

    I have a set that looks exactly like this in terms of finish and thickness of metal. I got my set at HF for ~$5 a couple years ago. They are made in India and are not very good. They fit loose on fasteners and the heads are very thick compared to the Craftsman and used Bonney and Snap On ones I have bought since. If the cheapies allowed you to replace your own starter, they would be well worth the price, but I would not want to use them any more than I had to.

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