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If you’re working under the hood or looking for something in a tight space in the house, a mirror’ll come in handy, but if you’re looking in a dark place, all you’ll see is dark.  If you’re both talented and lucky you can hit the old mirror with a flashlight to illuminate your target — I was never any good at that trick, so I’ll take Snap-on’s Lighted Inspection Mirror.

LED lights around the perimeter of the mirror light up the target, and the mirror will also work with Snap-on’s ActUVLite4 UV glasses to illuminate coolant and AC leaks.  The mirror measures 2-3/8″ wide and will telescope to a maximum length of 37”.

The Snap-on Inspection Mirror sells for $21 from your local tool truck or on the Internet.



7 Responses to Snap-on Lighted Inspection Mirror

  1. fred says:

    We use some old ones made by Robinair (#14145 – no loger available), Steelman and Ullman.
    The newer Ullman one is shown here:


    There are also ones made by Steelman:


  2. nordstar says:

    Since this is a Made in China Blue Point tool. I would go with the Ullman HTC-2LT it has the same size mirror, extends to the same length and is LED lit, all of this and it can be had online for cheaper.

  3. Old Donn says:

    Was all set to chase the Snap-on truck down the street when I found one of these at Sears for $15, Craftsman part #00945047. Before you start in on me, I can’t find it on the website, but it was in the local Sears store in the automotive tool section.

  4. Jerry L says:

    Found this at Grainger under their Westward Tool line. Nifty item, paid about $10 for it.

  5. kyle says:

    looks like it would come in very handy especialy since car manufacture make thre million places to lose a bolt into every car

  6. Luana says:

    I don’t see where it states the battery size and quantity needed to operate this light. I also would have liked to see the back side of the mirror with the light switch.
    Thank you

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