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This tool sounds like a robot that’ll hunt down an attractive “associate” for you, but really the Babē-Bot from FastCap will only help you with gluing. The Babē-Bot is the 4oz baby brother of the 16oz Glü-Bot, and you might think the larger bottle would be the better choice, but I don’t use a ton of glue so refilling the smaller bottle every few days is better for me.

The bottle works by sucking glue out of the main chamber and into the smaller chamber — this action allows the bottle to work in the upright position and also to suck up excess glue.

This glue bottle also boasts some other handy features.  The bottle comes with two different pour spouts:  the “blade tip” makes a wide bead, and the “Yorker tip” makes a thin bead. The cap for the Babē-Bot stores on the body while you’re using it.  The wide bottom keeps the bottle from tipping easily, and the opening for filling it is also plenty wide.

What I can’t figure out is the name.  All over the website the little line (called a macron) is over the “e” but on the packaging it’s over the “a” — it’s just kindof weird to have the packaging wrong.  The Babē-Bot sells for about $4, and replacement five-packs of tips or lids sell for $1.

Babē-Bot [FastCap]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Babē-Bot

  1. Pepster says:

    Anyone know if this is available via retail?

  2. 1200tec says:

    I saw one at woodcraft today..

  3. Michael Pendleton says:

    I’ve used those, and they weren’t as awesome as I had hoped. You need to apply a fair amount of pressure to get the glue moving, and it’s not much at first, but if you are assembling for more than about ten minutes or so, it starts to be a problem. I was disappointed because I had high hopes for the flip side of this stiffness, which is that the suction back into the bottle when you let go keeps the tip cleaner. I’m a little obsessive about clean glue tips, and the bottle that I was using had already been well broken in, so it was beyond hope already! The fact that the tip didn’t stay clean (I had drips and messy application) might be better on a new one. Still going to be too stiff for me though. Shame, I really liked the looks of the design…

  4. Brew says:

    I have both of these, the baby bottle and the larger version. I am quite happy with both and use the baby bottle daily as a trim carpenter. The only beef is that the glue will dry in the smaller tips and you have to pick it off sometimes. Oh, and mine had a tiny hole in the bottom when I bought it. I happened to have a gallon of herculiner here so I just dipped it in there a couple times and sealed it right up. Plus I have a cool looking bottom on it now.

    Overall it has really cut down if not eliminated the glue running all over my tool belt like the regular bottles do.


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