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Shopping at my local Woodcraft, I was torn between these Polypropylene Glue Spreaders and the typical horsehair brushes, the ones with the metal handles and about a 1/2″ of horsehair.  With all those fibers, the horsehair has more surface area, which equates to more glue on the brush — but they’ve only got a few uses in ’em till they’re just too gooped up, and then they hit the trash can.  These plastic glue spreaders, on the other hand, are reusable with most woodworking glues;  just let the glue dry and it’ll peel right off.

They measure about 5” long with about an inch of tip. The flexible tip spreads glue evenly, kind of like a miniature putty knife, and you can cut the tip to meet your needs. There’s a small hole at the other end so you can hang it from a small nail.

Made in China, the glue spreaders come in a set of six, colored red, yellow, and green.  Woodcraft sells ’em for about $4, and they’re also available from other stores online. They’re a good deal, but I’d recommend ’em in addition to the horsehair brushes.

Polypropylene Glue Spreaders [Woodcraft]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


8 Responses to Polypropylene Glue Spreaders

  1. Kurt says:

    Popsicle sticks and tongue depressors make great glue and putty spreaders too. If I do use the acid brushes, I generally purchase them at Harbor Freight.

  2. Scuba Steve says:

    HF brushes for the win.

  3. MeasureOnceCutTwice says:

    I’ve never been at a loss to find something good for spreading glue in the detritus around the bench. I’ve only used when I’m doing a serious amount of gluing – otherwise an old bent nail, a large splinter, that scrap of metal, or the pull tab off a can (believe it or not, China still uses the pull-off pull tabs).
    I can’t see paying $4 for a plastic stick.

  4. txinkman says:

    I use ’em all the time, especially for veneering. And they come in fun colors!! On the other hand I have a world class supply of disposable brushes too.

  5. EddieByrd says:

    I use a worn-out inexpensive wooden-handled foam brush from WalMart, Michael’s, etc (usually $1 for 3-4, sometimes 10-12). When you tear off the used-up foam there is a nice polypropylene tab left that is just the right size and shape for spreading glue.

  6. Ken says:

    I buy the acid brushes a the local flee market ,cheaper than HF.

  7. kyle says:

    Those samles of laminate on the rack at the home center work great as glue spereaders and are free what better price is there plus they can be cut to fit the aplication.

  8. Iris says:

    You should try the Roylco brand. They are made in the US and you get 10 in a package. The also come in assorted colors and our made out of Polypropylene. http://www.roylco.com

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