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When I saw an ad on the Military Channel this weekend for a new season of Tank Overhaul, I was stoked. It means that Wednesdays at 9pm central we’ll be seeing new shows — starting with the Elefant.

If the second season is as good as the first I’m going to be a big fan. Hopefully we’ll get more than four shows this time and we’ll get to see a few of the projects completed.

Tank Overhaul [Military Channel]


8 Responses to Tank Overhaul Season 2

  1. Denver says:

    Having just seen the overhaul of the German Elephant, I can say I was disappointed. Not one single shot of the inside of the beast. Nor any mention of engine restoration or anything like that. Looks like all they did was strip the paint off and fix the tracks so it could move again(not under its own power).
    They could have done so much better especially considering this tank is only 1 of 2 left in the world.

  2. mario says:

    my name is mario and I am 16 years old i am on the show i did m24 on

  3. MasterMechsnic says:

    Can’t wait to see Denver’s Tank Overhaul! How easy to criticize. Little harder to get off one’s ass and do better! What a simpturd.

  4. patrick says:

    Just saw the BMP episode-what a whiny, self pitying crybaby! His half ass restoration did not immediately start & run like new, so it was bitch, whine, moan, & complain… Hey, maybe you should instead hire a good diesel mechanic, and quit bitching about not having any money-if that’s really a problem, maybe he should consider working more than two weeks at a time! Then, to top it off, he angrily settles for JUST going driving around his land in his Russian T-72 main battle tank…(!!!) This guy’s a joke-not even in the same league as the serious, dedicated armored vehicle collectors & restorers the program has shown in the past.

  5. jack says:

    You said it! That guy was just a silly spoiled child, & I have no sympathy for him. Obviously his mechanical skills are as limited as his funds-diesel engines are diesel engines, no matter what type of vehicle they’re in. They run on the heat of their own compression, so there is no ignition system to worry about. The fact that it started the first time tells me whatever problem he had, it’s a minor one (probably one he himself induced)-certainly nothing to cry about.

  6. Luke says:

    The Elephant episode was interesting, as most of these are, because of the great WW2 video of Elephants & King Tigers. As Denver indicated, disappointing as they don’t do anything with the engine besides dump fluids out, or even explain why they don’t. They also need to work on some of their technical data. While comparing with the M1 Abrams, they indicated each one of the M1’s treads weighs 200 metric tons – on a tank that weighs 70 tons. Funny!

  7. Goncalo says:

    “While comparing with the M1 Abrams, they indicated each one of the M1’s treads weighs 200 metric tons – on a tank that weighs 70 tons.”

    Yeah, I heard that too, and thought, “Wait…what?” I rewound the show to make sure that’s what they said. I’m still trying to figure out what they meant. Even 20 metric tons would be way too much…2 tons maybe?

  8. JD says:

    I really enjoyed the few episodes of “Tank Overhaul” that I’ve watched. However, what ever happened to the Russian BME. the German Panther, or the Sherman tanks? There was never any follow ups on the progress. You leave us “hanging”. I for one, would like to see further episodes.

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