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Some people like to mark their layout lines with a pencil, and others like to use a marking knife — if you’re following the Japanese tradition of woodworking, you might prefer an ink brush like this one from the Japan Woodworker.  With an ink brush you can draw finer lines than with a pencil, and the lines are more visible than those cut with a marking knife.

The sumisashi or ink brush is usually made from bamboo, but this one sold by The Japan Woodworker is made from a wear-resistant plastic.  Like the traditional bamboo kind, its end is feathered with a series of fine cuts to hold ink.  When you order you get two ink brushes, black ink, silk wadding, and instructions for setting up the brushes and using them.

If you’re interested in trying out an ink brush, it’ll run you about $32 plus $10 shipping.

Ink Brush [The Japan Woodworker]


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