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The rare occasion that I’ve kept fish I didn’t fillet or gut, I’ve just used a spoon to scale the fish — it works, but it’s not very fast. Evidently there’s a better tool to use than a spoon: a traditional Japanese fish scaler like this one from the Japan Woodworker.

Made from brass, so that it doesn’t taint the flavor of the fish, this 7″-long fish scaler won’t corrode over time either.  The design removes scales rapidly without damaging the flesh underneath.  A brass ferrule holds the 2″ by 1″ head fast to the beech handle.

You’ll pay around $8 for this scaler from The Japan Woodworker.  They add a $10 flat charge if your order is under $200, so you might want to purchase yourself a nice chisel or two while you’re at it.

Brass Fish Scaler [Japan Woodworker]


2 Responses to Spend More Time Fishing, Less Time Scaling

  1. mark says:

    nail a bunch of bottle caps to a piece of plywood.

  2. masuhiro says:

    i was wondering if i could via you a couple dollars via paypal to link to my blog in your blogroll/link section? let me know – thanks!:)

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