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I cut my own wood, and I’ve tried splitting logs with the metal wedges, but after two of the wedges stuck in some old maple — and after some aggravation with the chain saw getting them back — saw splitting has become my preferred method.  This Ryobi Electric Log Splitter boasts four tons of splitting power, and it can split logs up to 20″ long and 12″ in diameter.

Ryobi makes the splitter entirely of steel, so it should run for a long while.  The motor runs off regular household current with a 1,300W motor, and the splitter’s designed for two-handed operation to help keep you clear of the action.  When it’s time to move the unit, a handle makes it easy for one person to transport the 99-lb splitter.

The Ryobi Log Splitter sells for about $300, a good deal less than the gas-powered splitters — now to find an extension cord that’s about a quarter-mile long.

Log Splitter [Ryobi]
Street Pricing [Google]


6 Responses to Ryobi Electric Log Splitter

  1. Jmudler says:

    I pick this up a couple of year ago from HD. Used a 20% off coupon. I dropped 8 trees and the splitter worked great. Very happy for the 2-3 times a year I use it. I drag the logs to the rack I have close to the house vs using a very long and underrated extension cord.

  2. gwaldeck says:

    I bought one of these a month ago, and it works great. I was getting tired of knocking my axe through the logs with a sledgehammer. Figured for the cost, it was worth a try. It works so well, and so safely, that I have my 13 year old son splitting wood now!

  3. Right now, while reading this, the only thing in my mind is to buy this electric log splitter. its cheap and less than the gas-powered splitters.. and i know safety is the most important above all..

  4. Bob Grif says:

    Does anyone know how to “bleed off” this Ryobi electric log splitter? Can ‘t find my manual. Also, is there any “fluids”/oils that should be used in this?

  5. I used to work at a wood-fired pizza place when I was in University. My boss made me split logwood with an axe. I wish I had this, would have made my job a whole lot easier!

  6. Jason e says:

    Got one years ago and split a lot lot lot of logs plus a lot of other people used it .very tough little splitter.does anyone know if they still make this exact model???

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