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Festool built the TS 75 circ saw with the same formula as their TS 55, but with more of everything.  Like the TS 55, this high-end circular saw can safely plunge into a sheet of wood, and it’s not your average 2×4-chopper or deck-builder, but a fine tool for fine woodworking.  But while the TS 55 boasted an impressive 55″ guide rail, the TS 75’s rail is 75″ long.  The TS 75 also sports a bigger 8-1/4″ blade; it runs at thirteen amps, three more than its little brother; and it weighs an extra three and a half pounds.

The saw makes burn- and splinter-free straight cuts up to 2-3/4″ deep, and with the guide rails, straight and clean cuts in sheet goods shouldn’t be a problem.  A spring-loaded riving knife helps prevent material from binding, and if the blade does bind, a slip clutch will take up the potential kickback.

A variable-speed motor allows you to cut through different types of materials without burning or melting the stock.  The saw also features the FastFix system which will lock the arbor and also lock out the power switch for safe and easy blade changes.

The Festool TS 75 basic package sells for about $600.

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