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There are corner chisels and there are Corner Chisels.  This 1″ heavy-duty corner chisel or bruzze from Robert Sorby looks like it’s been machined out of a piece of 1″ square stock, and it probably was.  It ain’t for squaring shallow hinge mortises on a jewelry box — no, you’d wield a chisel like this to clean up deep mortises on furniture or timber frames.

The 18-1/2″ long chisel is made with a precision-ground 9-3/8″ forged Sheffield alloy steel blade and an ash handle separated by a leather shock washer to deaden vibrations.  They also added an extra band at the striking end to prevent splitting or mushrooming.

You can pay anywhere between $100 and $150 for this UK import.

Framing Chisels [Robert Sorby]
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4 Responses to A Real Bruzze(r)

  1. r47 says:

    Wish they had an uglier $20 version of the same thing at the local big box.

  2. Jim German says:

    I also wish they had a ncie cheap version of this. I was recently trying to square up some mortices, and wished I had a corner chisel, but for the handful I had to do, it wasn’t worth spending $100 on a specialty tool.

  3. Gary says:

    The furniture you’d make with something like this would have to be enormous. Maybe a dining room table, but I doubt it. More likely a work bench. If you figure the typical 1 – 3 ratio or mortise to stock ratio, you ‘d be using a chisel this size in 3″ thick stock. When was the last time you saw stock that thick anywhere other than a work bench? A corner chisel like this is for timber framers. The 1″ measurement denotes each side of the “L”.

    For furniture, I’d prefer something like 3/8″. You can find vintage corner chisels for cheap, but they’re a pain to lap and sharpen and be a true 90. If you want a version for less than $20, go here:


    Lee Valley makes a nice magnetic version for $35.

  4. fred says:

    The Porter Cablle chisel is part of a slab door hanging kit – for squaring up router cut butt mortises.

    The Sorby chisle is almost exclusively a timber framers tool – some others here:


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