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Here’s another solution for helter-skelter cables:  the Signum cable organizer from Ikea.  The idea is to “trunk” your cables — you screw the organizer to the bottom of your work area, throw a power strip in, and plug in the cables, then wrap the excess on the rack, letting the cables exit at the proper location.  This has helped me get my workbench super-clean-looking, without all those cables hanging all over the place and getting in my way, and I’m never searching for a place to plug things in.

Made of steel, it won’t bend with the weight of cables or powers strips, and it’s modular so you can attach it to one or more others and run ’em along the length of your work area.  You can buy the Signum Cable organizer online or at your local Ikea for $10.

Signum [Ikea]


4 Responses to Get A Grip On Cable Clutter

  1. rob says:

    Separtae the power and other low voltage cable. You can get the same effect by using the hook and loop by bundling (neatly, fully dressed) with a drywall screw (thru velcro) and/or using plywood.

    This is just a cable tray, there are cheaper easier and better ways to do this. Just ask a union man.

  2. rob says:

    crappy typing…..

  3. Aaron says:

    Here is a cheap and simple solution I used.

    Take a pvc pipe, cut out 1/4 strip along its length, screw to to the underside of the desk, lay cables inside.

  4. SirFatty says:

    Anything you could ever need to organize cables… I pretty much use these guys exclusively.


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