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Stop thinking with your stomach — we’re not talking about the candy bar, but the abrasive product from FastCap that lets you break or relieve the sharp edges of sheet goods, hardwoods, or softwoods with just one pass.

Made in China, the FastBreak contacts both edges at once with its V-shaped channel.   The original FastBreak handles materials up to 1″ thick while the FastBreak XL handles materials from 3/4″ to 2-3/8″ thick.  Both models store replacement sandpaper in the handle.

To handle the larger widths the FastBreak XL requires two pieces of sandpaper instead of one.  You can purchase sandpaper made especially for either FastBreak in 10-packs of 80 or 180 grit for around $4.  You’ll end up paying about $7 for the original FastBreak and $15 for the XL.

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