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I noticed this 94″ tool chest in Craftsman’s “hot off the presses” 2009-2010 tool catalog. Craftsman seems to be trying to keep up with the tool trucks with this monster, which is part of the Craftsman Pro Line of tools.  I know the Craftsman boxes don’t always shine so bright in performance tests, but they sure look sweet to me.

The cart boasts twenty drawers and over 45,535 cubic inches of storage, with an inch-thick vinyl-coated MDF work surface on top — I think a diamond plate would’ve been nice, but I understand they have to build for the masses. The box comes in at 1,380 pounds, supported by four pairs of locking casters.  You can choose from black, red, platinum, yellow, and two shades of blue.

This tool cart’ll set you back $9,000, or you can do like me — just buy three regular 26” boxes and chests and call it good enough.

Craftsman Pro 94” Tool Cart [Sears]


15 Responses to Craftsman Pro 94″ Tool Cart

  1. Clark F says:

    Its a good Snap-on Master Series ripoff, but thats all it is, a ripoff. Itll never have Snap-on quality.

    Ill take the real McCoy, thank you very much.

  2. Harry says:

    It’s a rebadged version of the new Waterloo Magnum just as all of the previvous Craftsman Professional or Industrial series boxes have been for a real long time. Grainger has the Waterloo version now. The big difference now is the price. In the past a Craftsman pro set up was roughly half of a similiar tool truck brand set up. However, these new boxes are close in price to what rolls off the back of a tool truck. For that reason, I don’t think they’ll sell well. Time will tell though. I’m just happy alot of New car dealerships have gone to built in modular storage systems for the service bays which means techs only need a cart instead of a huge tool box.

  3. Old Donn says:

    No question about that, Clark. But you pay for Snap-on quality. Not all of us can afford it.

  4. Old Donn says:

    Did a little research since my last entry. First, the Craftsman rig pictured above totals $12,399.97. A comparable MAC comes in at $11,836.00. The Snap-on site didn’t list prices, but I expect they’re in the ball park. My apologies to Clark F.

  5. Lee Gibson says:

    I sure as hell can’t afford nine grand for a tool cabinet.

    How about I just go buy a decent pickup truck and keep my tools in that? I’m sure I can get one with a tool box for less than nine grand.

  6. apotheosis says:

    I’ve used craftsman chests for years and never had a problem with them, and I’m not particularly kind to toolchests.

    I might spring for a Snap-On if I was building a bomb shelter, but short of that it’s overkill.

  7. KMR says:

    Most SnapOn stuff is simply for image conscious mechanics… the brand of tool can’t make a bad mechanic better.

    You know when the best time to buy SnapOn stuff is? The two weeks right before Christmas on Craigslist Tool section or the local pawn shops. You’ll find amazing deals because these guys can’t afford their rip-off expensive tools AND buy holiday gifts… so the tools get sold cheap to pay for the presents.

  8. Old Donn says:

    Aside to KMR & Apoth. Remember the guy who shows up at the class reunion with the Armani suit, Rolex watch, pinkie ring and big, black Mercedes. He wants one and all to know he’s got it and you don’t. Snap-on guys are the tool equivalent.

  9. fritz gorbach says:

    Respectfully disagree about “snap on guys. ” Seeing an investment in good tools is something that makes me comfortable with any tradesman. At least he, or she, takes some part of the job serious. Good start anyway. I buy a lot of snap on tools, and I naver have regretted a purchase. Further, my snapon dealer extends credit at no interest for ten to twenty weeks depending on the purchase. If a mechanic had to pay 28% or so on a sears charge to get a tool, it wouldn’t take long to cost more thanthe tool truck.
    I don’t have a snap on box, but my work is mostly in the field, so a lot of my tools ride around in a truck. At home I have a used mac box that i picked up from the Snap on dealer, who incidentally took 20 weekly payments of $40.
    Anyway, if I comfortably had the dough for a snap on box, i’d get one, even if they are a lot of TOOL PORN. You can’t beat the quality.
    And the people who notice too much are just jealous.

  10. Sears says:

    The 94 inch cart and 75 inch top chest combo in the new catalog sells for $5,499.98 including shipping and setup. Still about half the tool truck price.

    Separately the 94 inch cart is $8,999.99 and the 75 inch top chest is $3,499.99.

  11. Kevin says:

    I have 7 of these that we purchased at closeout. I have no idea as to the quality or opinion of this one vs snap-on. What I do have is price. I have all 7 listed at $4400. First come first serve.

  12. kevin says:

    Can u send me info as well to kwhicks21@gmail.com

  13. Darrell says:

    anyone know were I could get a 94″ craftsman pro toolbox

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