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I came across Super Magnet Man by way of YouTube;  alongside some amazing videos of magnets smashing together in a bone-crushing manner, Super Magnet Man was hanging a wreath on his door with a magnetic hook and a rubber-coated disk magnet.  His store sells all sorts of amazing magnets, from a minuscule 1mm cube to mighty 2″ cubes.  Warning:  Some of his larger magnets may cause blood blisters or worse.

I use magnets in my shop to manage tools and also for odd things like remotes at my desk.  But Super Magnet Man has sparked my interest in these tools, and I want to start breaking ’em out more often.  How do you use magnets in your shop?  Let us know in comments.

Magnetic Hook [Super Magnet Man]


5 Responses to Attraction In Action

  1. ToolGuyd says:

    Warning: Some of his larger magnets may cause blood blisters or worse.

    No kidding! I recently saw footage of a crushed fingertip after two large magents were drawn towards each other despite a 20″ separation!

    How do you use magnets in your shop?

    I mainly use magnets for tool organization and to secure loose fasteners during a project. To be honest, I also have a small magnetic construction set to fiddle with during brainstorming sessions.

  2. heywoodj says:

    Another really good source for magnets is http://www.unitednuclear.com/magnets.htm

    They have a huge selection of magnets up to major-huge sizes that they might not even sell you unless you are part of an institution. Nonetheless, they even sell nuclear products (radioactive ore, no less). If you are even a bit into science the site is worth a look.

    I’ve been meaning to get their mixed set for a while, but haven’t. The project I really want to do is build a wind turbine with permanent magnets.

  3. Eric says:

    It’s not a new idea, but it was new to me when I recently realized that the rare-earth magnets that I had extracted from my old dead hard drives weren’t just the world’s best refrigerator magnets — they also are excellent stud finders. I have had lousy luck with store-bought stud finders, so I was tickled to find that these old magnets could fill a genuine household need. Practical applications for cool gadgets? Bonus!

  4. inigo says:

    When I drop a bunch of nails, screws etc, I put a big magnet in a sock and pick ’em up with it. Put the sock in your container, remove the magnet from the sock – container full of parts.

  5. anon says:

    ToolGuyd said it. But it’s important, some of these magnets are very powerful. “http://www.magnetnerd.com/Neodymium%20Magnets/Dirks%20Accident.htm” Warning: Graphic Content!

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