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“Where’s the @#$% miter gauge!”  If you’ve ever exclaimed this in your shop, maybe you need to take a look at this $6 magnetic miter gauge holder from Harbor Freight.

The miter gauge holder sports three cork-covered magnets to hold it to the base of your table saw, band saw, or other machinery without scuffing the finish.  This piece of L-shaped sheet steel measuring 7″ tall by 3″ wide by 3″ deep can hold up to 19.8 lbs.

If you’re not comfortable buying products from Harbor Freight, you can also purchase it for $10 plus $6 shipping from Highland Woodworking.

Miter Gauge Holder [Harbor Freight]
Miter Gauge Grabber [Highland Woodworking]


One Response to Keep Your Miter Gauge Where You Can Find It

  1. kyle says:

    This would be a grat product I think because if you are riping wide stock aginst the fence you dont need the miter gauge and when you move it you have no idea wher it is so i think this will help tis problem greatly

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