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Imagine walking into someone’s house cold and seeing a wall like this. If you’re a metal or forge worker you’d probably think you were in good company. If not, you’d most likely be snooping around each corner looking for the undead zombie in a hockey mask.  Either way, this is a sweet collection of tongs and grabbers.

It’s just a guess but we’re thinking it’s a gallery or museum exhibit, judging from the clean floors and the shiny floor lamps.  Or it might be reader Hmboo’s immaculately cared-for living room, in which case we raise a glass to him and toast his décor.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to It’s Just Cool: Wall-O-Tongs

  1. Rory says:

    I bought a pair of tongs at an estate sale last weekend. I am looking for information about them. They are different than ANYTHING I have found on the web. They are two piece interlocking without a hinge pin. They are 13 inches long and have curved fork like tines that are extremely sharp. The handles are hooked at the top like they expect them to be slippery when used. They are chromed or nickle plated. They have “Armstrong & Co stamped on them and the #4. They are VERY wicked and sinister looking. Any idea what they are for? Please let me know what you know. I will be HAPPY to send pictures. THANK YOU Rory

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