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Would you rather be sharpening your tools or using them?  Gladstone bets you’d prefer using their marking knife rather than sharpening it, so they gave it a ceramic blade that never needs to be sharpened.

Gladstone makes their marking knives in the USA using a material called Ceremax 80 — a material they claim is second only to diamond in hardness — for the blades.  Then they double-bevel the blade for either right- or left-handed use and cut two flat sections in the handle to keep the knife from rolling when you set it down.

Gladstone offers their marking knife in either paduk or zebrawood, two beautiful African hardwoods.  They sell the knife with a protective cover made from the same material as the handle so you don’t accidentally damage the blade.

Look to spend $22 to $39 depending on which handle you buy.  You’ll pay about $10 shipping.

Ceramic Marking Knife [Manny’s Woodworkers Place]
Ceramic Marking Knife [Gladstone]


4 Responses to Forget About Sharpening This Marking Knife

  1. Chris says:

    And in case someone else was wondering what a “marking knife” is:



  2. Gary says:

    Interesting idea, but I wonder how a ceramic blade would hold up in a shop. The ceramic blades I’ve seen chip pretty easily. Like any other tool, if it feels like it’s getting dull, a few swipes on a stone and off you go again. I think I’ll pass on this one.

  3. aggiemike says:

    I agree, give me a good stone any day, sharpening really is becoming a lost art.

  4. Steve says:

    If you haven’t tried one don’t knock it. Arm chair quaterbacks.

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