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If you’re ever tried to hold round objects with tweezers or needle nose pliers, you’ll appreciate these specialty tweezers sold by Micro-Mark.  They’re uniquely designed to hold round or hex-shaped objects securely.

The tweezers come in a set of four with the smallest size letting you grasp objects as small as 1/8″ in diameter.  The tweezers are made from non-magnetic stainless steel with an angled tip to let you reach awkward places.

This set of four tweezers runs $17 plus shipping and handling.

Pipe and Tube Tweezers [Micro-Mark]


2 Responses to Tweezers For Round Objects

  1. Gil Braverman says:

    They look great for shell reloading.

  2. Shopmonger says:

    WOW………these look sooo cool. I never knew somehitng like this existed…..I have made something like this in the past for delicate jobs,,,,, or even loading bulbs in a dash…

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