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A few months back reader Beano-t gave us a glimpse of his secret door project. This weekend it looks like he finished it. Here’s a look and a few words from Mr. Beano, running down the final steps of the project now that it’s trimmed and painted.

I incorporated a hidden magnetic latch. By embedding the magnet in a book or object I will keep on the shelf, the door will release when the object is moved to the correct location.

I used super-soft heavy-duty casters for support just in case of weight issues, keeping in mind i did not want to mark the floor in any way. Most of the weight is still on the heavy hinges.

Although I left the hinges visible (the hidden hinges I wanted to buy would’ve more than doubled my cost on this project), unless you are looking for them they are usually overlooked.

Totally fun and rewarding project.

Well, Beano, there’ll always be naysayers but this turned out great in our eyes. Not only did you manage to come in on a budget that you were obviously watching closely, but the trim work and caster idea look sweet. We also see what you mean about the door covering the hinges most of the time.  Fun and rewarding indeed!

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


9 Responses to Reader Project: Secret Doors, Part II

  1. Old Coot says:

    My compliments!

  2. Fabian says:

    Nice, you should build a safe room inside this space.


  3. Dexm says:

    Great! I really liked this project from the beginning!

  4. beano_t says:


    I have been half-joking that it is our new safe room.

    That magnetic latch idea and other details came from your ideas/comments the first time around, so thanks everyone.

  5. paganwonder says:

    Very Cool!

  6. PeterP says:

    I’m curious what hinges you originally intended to use?

  7. cardbross says:

    I’m curious, since it seems to be a bookshelf, are the shelves angled or adjusted to prevent books from falling off when the door is opened/closed?

  8. beano_t says:


    actually I left room to add a 1/4 in piece of trim to shelves thinking that i might need a lip to catch things but the reality is this thing opens more like a bank vault than a screen door. the result is that it does not move fast enough to send things flying. My better half has books and various items on it now and nothing has moved yet.

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