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The GapShield fills the gap between your tailgate and truck bed to keep gravel, feed, mulch, or anything else from leaking out.  It also keeps the tailgate area clear so you won’t have any trouble getting it closed.

The GapShield attaches to the truck bed with a full-length adhesive strip.  It flexes 90 degrees along its entire length to help secure the load as you travel as well.  Installation is easy since the product is simply cut to fit the length of your truck bed.

You can get the GapShield from Ecoological for $30.

GapShield [Ecoological]


One Response to Ecoological GapShield

  1. Awesome idea! I’d always been annoyed with this problem in my old pickup. I have a Honda Element now, and it has this feature built-in for its tailgate and is simply amazing in its utility. You can slide stuff easily in & out, no more crap in your crack, and you close your tailgate w/o worrying about anything getting caught.

    I wish I could have had this with my pickup. Or had been smart enough to build my own rather than just be annoyed all the time 🙂

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