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I discovered the OttLite when I first took up the art/skill of tying flies for fly-fishing, and it’s become one of my most treasured and useful tools.  A bright and natural light at your workbench can make a world of difference, especially when you’re working on small, detailed projects. The OttLite’s natural light also helps on jobs that have to be color-accurate — I think the color temperature of their bulbs even surpasses that of daylight CFLs.  And they’re great reading lamps.

So when I saw this deal where you can get two great lamps for the price of one, $45, I had to share it.  If you’ve never owned one of these lamps, this is a great way to jump on board.



2 Responses to Dealmonger: Two OttLites For The Price Of One

  1. _Jon says:

    I’ve still got mine and really liked it. But I’ve run out of bulbs.
    No local stores carry replacements and I haven’t gotten motivated to search online.

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