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General Tools is selling their #1531 1/4″ tube bender for just $1.90.  This simple tool will bend 1/4″ soft copper tubing up to 180 degrees.

1/4″ Tube Bender [General Tools]
Street Pricing [Google]


5 Responses to Dealmonger: General 1/4″ Tube Bender $2

  1. blore40 says:

    Isn’t a straight tube already “bent” to 180 degrees?

  2. @blore40

    Isn’t a straight tube already “bent” to 180 degrees?

    Yes, but if you are going to get technical about it he said up to 180 degrees not up to and including 180 degrees so any bend at all would be less the 180 degrees. 🙂

    Nitpicking aside I’m sure he means that you can bend the tube back on itself which would be 180 degree bend.

  3. fred says:

    Re Benjamen Johnson Says:

    BTW U-Bends or ox-bow bends can be useful in some situations. Like using a link of flex tubing – the U-Bend can provide a sort of shock absorber for tubing movement caused by expansion/contraction from heating and cooling

  4. Shopmonger says:

    Either way these are a great thing to have around the shop especially if you don’t have any other tubing bender…..

  5. fritz gorbach says:

    Last three tools I bought with the General brand broke the first time I used them. All attempts to contact General – email, telephone, and US Mail were met with no response. It may have been a fluke that the tools broke, but they were in no way abused. Ended up returning each to point of purchase, but I remain disappointed with their shoddy customer service.
    That said, for two bucks, how can you go wrong. There are times when the 180 degree bend will be useful, but it would be nice to have more sizes. At work we have a modified/retooled tubing bender good to 3/4 which will make 180 degree bends, but the Yellowjacket kit it was made from is better than$200, plus materials, time, and effort. (we mostly use it to make U bends to repair or fabricate heating and cooling coils)
    I think i’ll order one of these for the heck of it.

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