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We all like to customize our cribs, but in some dorm rooms, apartments, and offices you’re not allowed to mar the walls, or maybe your significant other doesn’t like holes in the wall.  I just went through the hassle of patching all the nail holes in my bedroom, so I can kindof understand why some people get OCD about it.  3M comes to the rescue with a line of hangers that promise up to 7.5lbs of holding power — more importantly, they’re entirely removable and won’t mar your wall.

Simply clean your surface with rubbing alcohol, apply the tab, wait to set (one hour), and apply the hook. Note:  when applying to gloss paint, you’ll want to use soap and water rather than rubbing alcohol, unless you want that paint to be flat.

3M offers a variety of hangers, even a shower caddy with water-resistant strips.  They also sell replacement adhesive strips.

They’re a bit expensive so I’ll stick to the nail-and-patch method for now, but if you don’t have that option, a pack of 3M Command picture-hanging hooks will run you about $4.

Command Hooks [3M]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


8 Responses to Take Command Of Your Walls

  1. Roscoe says:

    We’ve got several rental units where I work and you wouldn’t believe the number of people with messed up walls when they move out that used 3M Command strips. I agree that they work sometimes, in principal. However, it does take some finesse to get them off without pulling off the paper fro the drywall.

    My biggest pet peeve, people who honestly believe that they’re not responsible for the damage because they tried to use these. “It’s not my fault they didn’t work.”

  2. Brian says:

    Also, I have had two of these things fail with no warning after weeks without problems. They were well within their weight limits. They also took part of the wall with them when they went. My opinion- worse of all possible worlds, stick with nails.

  3. Chris says:

    Agreed that they are a mixed bag. I had a framed photo hanging on one for a 1-2 years but eventually the thing let go, cracked the glass in the frame, and dented a baseboard. Maybe one should replace them every year. It’s tough to know when they’ll fail.

  4. R47 says:

    Used a pack of the little cable-minder style Command widgets to string a set of holiday lights around an interior hallway arch. Worked pretty well for a few months around Christmas and stung less than driving nails in a plastered arch we painted one year prior…

  5. Shopmonger says:

    Yeah for dorms and rental property this s probably the best option you have on the market right now…..however not full proof.. I used it several times in my office to hang things for temp use……

  6. Bill says:

    My son’s dorm room has a picture rail all around the room. Clips or hooks, even bent paperclips work well.

  7. Brau says:

    Any hanger/mount that relies on sticky tape can only be as secure as the paint it is stuck to. If the paint has oils on it (anywhere near a kitchen) it will fail. If the paint is poorly bonded it will take a large chunk of the paint with it and sometimes the paper too. Ultimately a small nail hole is much smaller, more reliable and easier to repair.

  8. Tom C says:

    We use them for a number of things. Hooks for hanging stockings at christmas time, a clock with the velcro-ish kind, and for cables under the desk. I have had some problems with them on ceilings holding a paper lantern light. It was within the load ratings.

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