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The first time I removed a car door panel I did it with the biggest screwdriver I had, and I scratched the heck out of the door frame and broke most of the fasteners — I think I wound up with four good ones, one for each corner, and those new speakers vibrated the heck out of that loose panel.  Lately the car specialty market has been taking advantage of composite plastics to make more delicate prying tools, like this Composite Non-Mar Pry Bar Set from Jegs.

The five-piece set will help remove most fasteners, both internal and external.  The tools are designed so they won’t mar the finish of the door frame or damage the upholstery or chrome.

The Jegs Composite Non-Mar Pry Bar Set sells for $20 from Jegs.

Non-Mar Pry Set [Jegs]
Street Pricing [Google]


6 Responses to Jegs Composite Non-Mar Pry Bar Set

  1. fred says:

    Bojo – also makes several similar tools that have applications beyond auto repair:


  2. Tony says:

    Harbor Freight also has a couple plastic pry bar sets like this for cheap. I too gouged the heck out of my door paint until I found these simple tools. As a last resort wrapping a screwdriver with an ace bandage or foam tape helps a little bit but is still a pain.

  3. Clark F says:

    I have the harbor freight set and use them every day at work, from interior to engine work. Surprisingly, I dont like the Snap-on set (4 different ends) compared to the harbor freight set (8 different ends).

    A cheap must have.

  4. Shopmonger says:

    hf set is very similiar to the jeg set…..either way you just needs to have something non-maring to pry with and take your time……

    Patience will save you a ton of cash….

    They are proud of those parts at the dealership

  5. fritz gorbach says:

    I got a nice set similar to these, made by Sir Tools. I think there’s 12 pieces in the set, and I got it through SnapOn for about forty bucks. I’m not positive, but I dont recall mine having the hook type ends for the clips on them. I have a seperate metal set for those, though, and with 12 double ended tools, I’ve lots of profiles to work with.
    Anyway, I find I use them quite often, on the car, on the house, on anything I don’t want to scratch up. I would like to get a couple of cheap sets when they are on sale at harbor freight, so I don’t have to worry about damaging them.
    One caution to the new user – when the ends get a little rough or jagged, they will scratchpaint very easily. I found this the hard way. So watch out, and keep them dressed with a little sandpaper.

  6. Jegs – Jegs have produced a nice little tool here for 2009. Jegs aren’t the only place though as there are a lot of alternatives if you shop around. Daniel

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