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Tools and More is selling this AES 3-piece bearing scraper set for $5.  Now the source and quality and spelling remain suspect, but for the price you certainly can’t go far wrong if you only occasionally need to scrape in a bearing or surface.

3-Piece Bearing Scraper Set [Tools and More]
Street Pricing [Google]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: 3-Piece Bearing Scraper Set $5

  1. fred says:

    Does anyone still scrape a bearing – pour molten babbitt – apply bluing etc. anymore?
    Considering the lead and antimony content of traditional babbit – will OSHA allow you to do this without suiting up etc. ?

    Still – some cheap scrapers might be handy for other tasks.

  2. kdp says:

    David Gingery did for years and years. His books are still available and worthy of any Toolmonger’s bookshelf.

    Any ‘monger with better writing skills than me wanna take a stab at a review?


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