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This tool will either sit around for years unused, or else you just won’t have one when you need one. Used for both home and vehicle repairs, the Harbor Freight Double Flaring Tool will allow you to repair fuel lines, oil lines, brake lines, and any other lines that connect with a single or double flare.

The Double Flaring Tool comes with 3/16” to 5/8” adapters, the compression yoke, and the compression tool.  This tool has saved my hide on oil heater lines and also brake lines for my truck — it performs as expected, and I can’t tell the difference between this and all the other “overseas” models.  I know the ones on the “trucks” are probably better, but for what I’d pay for one of those I can buy multiple sets of the Harbor Freight version.

The Harbor Freight Double Flaring Tool sells for $14 but often dips to the $10 mark in sale catalogs.  Buy two — they’re cheap.

Double Flaring Tool [Harbor Freight]


13 Responses to Harbor Freight Double Flaring Tool

  1. Bill Murphy says:

    I cannot recall the number of frustrations I experienced while using this “tool”. I’ve thankfully blacked most of those memories out. My advice? Buy pre-flared lines, skip this thing.

    Good luck if you do get it…


  2. BobH says:

    I needed one of these when I was running the fuel line for my (fuel injection conversion) ’73 TR6. The HF price was so good that I bit. I’d recommend avoiding this step, and just going to step 2: Buy a Yellow Jacket 60225.

    The HF version would not/could not grip the line firmly enough to prevent pushing it out of the anvil while trying to flare it. So you’d end up cutting the mangled end off, and then trying again–only to mangle it some more. (repeat until you start to cry) (or the line is too short to use).

    The Yellow Jacket? As if magic. I still walk around just looking for things to flare…Of course, at 6x the price, you’d expect magic.

    Let me know if you want to borrow it. 🙂


  3. fred says:

    For years we worked with yoke and bar type flaring tools from Imperial Eastman. The better ones had ball bearings. We now use a Mastercool Hydraulic tool – that can be bought in pieces (as we did) or in a fancy set (has sizes that we wouldn’t know what to do with – but you auto repair guys might):


  4. river1 says:

    a second vote for the mastercool set. if there is a tube end you need to make it will make them.

    later jim

  5. MatthewW says:

    unless your flaring cooper or aluminum dont waste your money
    I like most hf tools, but not this one

  6. Andrew says:

    I am HVAC/R and Plumbing trained I have a yellow jacket deluxe flaring tool on my amazon wish list for a reason, I even was disappointed by the rigid brand 35 dollar model cheap connection could not easily use for swagging, imperial Eastman are also nice.

  7. fritz gorbach says:

    I agree with everyone else…I did my first brake lines wih a crap double flaring tool and every joint leaked. The flares, especially in steel, have to be perfectly concentric, or they won’t seat right, and then forget it. This means the bars must go together square and tight and STAY that way. If you cant afford the tool, buy your brake and fuel lines premade, but really, you can get a good set-up for forty bucks or so. I have three imperial sets now(home, work, truck) and I bought all of them used, for under fifteeen bucks a piece.
    Same goes for plumbing, ac, refridgeration, whatever you do with this. If it leaks, it won’t work.
    Oh, yeah, and the Hydraulic sets (mastercool, etc) are fantastic. I’m always eyeballing the blue point version at my snapon rep’s place, and you can make any flare you ever need, but…I think last month they were on special for about $450. That”s a lot of tubing.

  8. shopmonger says:

    I have used one of the these for hot rods and car restos for years and have never had any problems… In fact i love my HF version……

    double flares are the way to go…. just be patient most of the time you are literally betting your ass on these

  9. ambush says:

    the cheap ones aren’t reliable, the threads on the flaring bar and the yoke always get screwed up, but for most purposes the expensive ones aren’t worth it anyway.

  10. 67gtman says:

    Any type of HF flaring tool IS VERY UNLIKELY to make a concentric flare to a degree that such flare will seal well enough. The tip, and shaper are too shaky to stay in center while fastening the jaws. I simply do not believe if someone is saying that with snapon or imperial set you will make perfectly concentric and sealing, production quality flares. Neither from copper. Mastercool may work if it has precisely fixed hydraulic press.

  11. Shawn says:

    I tried using this flaring kit. It was a piece of junk. The flaring bar broke and the insert I used bent. Save yourself the headache and the money. Don’t buy this one

  12. Corey Brown says:

    This tool is a piece of junk. You cannot make good double flares with this tool. The buttons do not fit properly into 1/4 inch brake lines, guaranteeing that the flare will be off center. The bars themselves do not align properly when clamped down as the bolts literally just flop around in the handles. Also, the anvil is not straight in the fixture and cannot possibly create a concentric inner flare. The bar will not hold the line unless the wingnuts are over tightened using hand tools. The wing nuts are cheap and the wings break off easily.

    This thing is junk.

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