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When it comes to tool storage, there are basically two types of Toolmonger:  the organized people and the “just throw them in one of those drawers” people.  Though you might not always be able to tell from looking at my shop, I come from the organized folk — I hate spending time hunting down a tool when it should be in a certain place.  Craftsman makes their Wrench Holder for people like me.

The Craftsman Wrench Holder has been around for awhile. It works with standard and metric wrenches and it’s marked with the sizes so you can tell what’s missing.  It holds twelve wrenches, from 1/4” to 7/8″ or from 7 to 18mm.

The Wrench Holder will fit in your 3″ tall toolbox drawer or it’ll hang from pegboard;  you can also take the whole unit to the job you’re working on.  It works with the traditional Craftsman combination wrenches, but I think it might have some problems with the thinner, polished wrenches.

The Craftsman Wrench Holder sells for $6.

Craftsman Wrench Holder [Sears]
Street Pricing [Google]


9 Responses to Get Those Wrenches In Order

  1. Old Donn says:

    Yes, these are just the ticket if your tool chests are in the basement, (like mine), and the work’s elsewhere. And yes, Craftsman full polish wrenches will not work with these carriers. The smaller sizes fall right out.

  2. Chris says:

    carabiner (d-ring) clips work great for combination wrenches. A regular size clip will take 3/8->3/4 wrenches, if you have smaller stuff you can pick up a small d-ring for just those. If you have huge wrenches they sell huge d-rings too

  3. Andrew says:

    my wrenches are in a craftsman and bucket boss tool roll, very big ones in my inherited grandfather’s 1/2 socket set toolbox.

  4. Jerry says:

    Holds 12 wrenches for 6 bucks. HF has a similar one that holds 14 wrenches for a dollar less and has “mounting holes for your workbench” Item number 4800-5VGA

  5. cc says:

    >> carabiner (d-ring) clips work great for combination wrenches.
    aha neat idea

  6. BadBob says:

    I have thrown out or given away several of these over the years. They take up way to much room and I have never had one that a full set of my wrenches would fit in.

    Tool rolls or bags are much better.

  7. shopmonger says:

    I used to think these were a bad idea, now that i use them……nothing beats having all size wrenches on hands and not having to run to the box over and over expsecially since most cars now use metric and standard in unison

  8. Chuck Cage says:

    @Old Donn, @Jerry, and @shopmonger are all right about these in my book. I have full-polish Craftsmans that are in a nice organizer in the drawer. But before I inherited the nice full-polish from my Dad — I’d given them to him over the years, incidentally — I had a set of standard Craftsman wrenches. They now reside in these little plastic holders.

    They do take up too much drawer space to be practical for all wrenches. But it’s kick-ass to have a smaller set of common stuff ready to grab when you’re heading out for a project. I grabbed ’em a few weeks ago to tighten up the cheap-o dual exhaust on my truck; Didn’t know which wrench I’d need, so just grabbed the set in the plastic.

    And yes, I have one “Sears” version and one Harbor Freight version. Difference: None noticeable.

  9. Old Donn says:

    The D-ring’s about the only way to carry the Craftsman/GearWrench X-Beam/Cross Force wrenches. Nothing else works that I know of. Any of you guys?

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