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Tray liners let you skip some of the cleanup usually required when you paint with a roller.  Unfortunately stores seem to regularly change the types of trays and liners they carry, so you always have to buy a new tray when you need more liners.  Plus you might feel just a little twinge of guilt throwing away yet more plastic, even though you are saving water.

With the Peel Away paint tray, a product I have to admit I first saw watching Ron Hazelton’s House Calls, you’ll never have to worry about finding liners again, because they’re part of the tray. Each Peel Away paint tray has four peel-away liners that, according to the manufacturer, use 50% less material than rigid plastic tray liners.

What’s more, the peel-away liners make it easy to save more paint by squeezing it out of the liner.  When you’re done painting, pour out the excess paint and peel the liner away from the tray edges towards the middle, keeping the leftover paint in the center.  Then bring all the edges together and pull the liner from the tray, forming a bag around the paint.  Over the paint can, puncture the bag and squeeze the remaining paint into the can.

According to the website, the Peel Away paint tray should be available at all Sherwin-Williams and Duron Paints stores nationwide.  Their online store is under construction, but they list a phone number — (888) 769-8723 — to call for ordering.  On the phone their representative said the tray retails for about $7.

Peel Away Paint Tray [Clearly Clean]


6 Responses to A Greener Paint Tray

  1. Matt says:

    Tin foil over a metal or plastic tray works great for me.

  2. Gene says:

    Glad Press ‘n Seal Wrap works better than foil, and you can do the same thing with it as with this Paint Away paint tray. Just press 2 pieces together horizontally and they cover the entire paint tray.

  3. SuperJdynamite says:

    I wonder how long before Peel Away paint stripper sues Peel Away paint trays for trademark infringement.

  4. shopmonger says:

    This is a good idea but I agree with the fact that you can accomplish this with just some house hold plastic. Nothing like fast clean up when painting….

  5. _Jon says:

    I do find it annoying that I have tray liners that don’t fit any of my three trays…

  6. Brau says:

    I find the assertion this product is “greener” a joke. I guess I’m the only one who cleans my 20 year old trays instead of just sending wads of unnecessary plastic to the dump. All I need is a hose for latex and about 1/2 cup spirits for alkyd.

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