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Matco Tools’ new mini impact driver will fit where larger impact wrenches won’t, and its light weight (under two pounds) means less fatigue.  With its 1/4″ drive and 5 to 30 foot-pounds of torque it’s designed with smaller fasteners in mind, and it spins up to 11,000 RPM so it won’t slow you down on large assembly projects.

Matco makes the body out of a durable composite material that helps lower the sound rating to about 90 decibels.  The wrench features a dust-free forward/reverse lever and a variable-speed throttle.

The MT1745 lists for $175 and comes with a one-year warranty from Matco.

Mini Impact Driver [Matco]


8 Responses to Matco 1/4″ Impact Wrench

  1. Toolboss says:

    Now all you need is the good luck to find an honest Matco dealer who will sell you one…then find him again for service…then find him again after he mails it off to be repaired…then three months later start over again, only to have him push his latest model at you because the one yo originally paid an inflated price for has been discontinued.

    No thanks. Matco may as well be “Harbor Freight” in a truck…except at Harbor Freight I expect to use it once and throw it away, and pay accordingly.

    Additionally, HF will keep their books straight, not go out of business and hand my credit over to the next sucker, I mean tool man to buy a truck,

  2. tooler says:

    I’ve got a honest Matco man who’s better than the other tool man, must be yor luck

  3. WAMAC says:

    Ingersall Rand has one of these that is the same size, puts out 50 ft. lbs., comes with a set of impact sockets, and cost about 20% less.

  4. WAMAC says:

    Also, Matco does not make this tool as stated. It is made for them by an outside vendor.

  5. shopmonger says:

    These are very useful…..when taking apart a large complicated project (read car ect) you need not only power but speed. These can really speed up a project. Keep in mind a small air gun oiling sometimes becomes even more important. Oil often with such higher RPM tools

  6. fred says:

    The IR 2101k can be had for about $121 with free shipping thrown in at:


  7. Keith says:

    So, why doesn’t anyone make a _corded_ electric impact driver. I still shutter at the thought of spending $300 on a cordless one.

  8. Dave W. says:

    This tool is the IR model, with Matco badging, just like a ton of other tools
    that Matco tries to sell people, telling them it’s their new line. Give me a break. Antone whoo knows anything about tools, knows that Matco is
    the worst when it comes to re-badging other tool maker’s tools, as their own.
    Do some research before getting ripped off, buying inflated priced tools,just
    to have a worthless badge on the tool,say Matco. Most all their air tools are
    Asain garbage. Had nothing but defective tools when I stupidly purchased
    them from Matco. Will never deal with that poor excuse for a tool company , again. Their Top-torque line of screwdrivers, are made by Witte, and are
    actually very good quality screwdrivers, except they are matco badged, and
    cost practically $100 more than buying the set from Grainger. Just trying to
    wake a few people up, and save them a couple of bucks in the process.

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