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Kreg has created one of the leading systems for pocket joinery, and the Kreg Klamp table provides an assembly area specially designed for that purpose.  Klamp Blocks slide along the rails on two sides of the table and provide stops to rest your project against, and the Kreg Klamps keep your project resting against the blocks and hold joints in place while you assemble them.

The table comes in two models.  The base model, the KKS1000, consists of the table, two Kreg Klamps, and five Klamp Blocks. The KKS2000 is the KKS1000 system plus a very sturdy-looking steel stand that’s height-adjustable and has four leveling legs.  Kreg makes the easily assembled table and stand from heavy-gauge steel.

The Klamp Table will help you save on clamps, as it can replace the normal woodworking clamps you would’ve used for assembly.  It’ll also serve as a router table, workbench, sanding table, or anything else a table could be used for.  It always catches my eye when I pass it in a store; it’s just a good heavy-duty table that also looks really sharp.

The KKS1000 sells for $250, and the KKS2000 is $400 — you can add on additional Kreg Klamps and Blocks if you need them.

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2 Responses to Kreg Klamp Table

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Yeah this would be so nice to have, if you did a lot of face frames or making picture frames you would be in love with this.

    The simplicity of this jog and its speed would be the ultimate in quick fixtures.

    But for the money minded shopster …..Build it yourself

  2. fred says:

    Even though we do lots of face frames in our shop – I agree with Shopmonger – build it yourself and customize the size for what you typically build.

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